Respect: What it is and What it Looks Like

This blog has been written and rewritten about seven times. What it all came down to is that I can’t tell you how to earn, deserve, or expect respect. Honestly, respect from others is unfortunately entirely up to them – whether you like it or not. All I can really do is suggest to you how to respect yourself and others and how it’ll change your world.

Imagine an ideal world where respect is everywhere.  Everything and everyone in this world treat others as they would like to be treated. I believe they call this the golden rule. People listen to others, treat others as equals, consider each other’s  needs, wants, pains, and joys as their own. This is the ideal world of respect but it’s only real on paper.

If that sounds great then I recommend starting with yourself. Change starts with one person. So go ahead. . . lead by example.

Respect Yourself:

In my opinion, the biggest form of respect you can show yourself is being yourself no matter what others think or say. Looking at yourself in the mirror every day and telling the person staring back at you how much you matter to them can be very powerful.  Everyday is a perfect day to show up as the best that you can be. When you respect yourself, it radiates from you and others soon notice. The way you treat yourself shows others that you know how you want to be treated and maybe more importantly won’t tolerate disrespect. Stand up for yourself. Love yourself. And be yourself. . . no one else knows how to be you anyway.

Respect Others:

Some of the most well known and respected people in the world also show unwavering respect for others. Whether it be for the people of the earth, its creatures, or its natural resources, these people show respect in beautiful ways. Once you’ve got loving yourself down, loving others seems like the easiest things in the world. At this point it’s not about expecting respect in return because you have enough love for yourself  to spill over to everyone. Respecting others is really about loving and accepting others, showing them the love you have for yourself, and perhaps inspiring them to love themselves as well.

That easy two step plan can happen every day. Every day can start and end by showing respect for yourself by eating healthy, exercising, meditating, loving mantras, self talk, and making choices that empower and facilitate the best version of you.  Showing respect can look like picking up trash outside, holding the door for someone, listening, being patient, contributing to chores, and maybe even just not saying anything if you don’t have anything nice to say.

Respect can go a long way and it truly benefits everyone around you. The best part is that it starts with you. Respect. Get it Going.

By: Lauren Perrodin