Find What Brings You Joy

“Pick a career you love and you will never work a day in your life.” This quote is the reason I decided to work with Get it Going. The passion Jill  has for Get it Going fuels my desire to see her dreams come true. When I was in school, I found that my goals came easy: get a new personal running record, get an “A” in class, keep up with my family. Now that I’ve graduated, I realized that finding fulfillment in the real world is harder than it seems. I thought that just making enough to pay my bills, buy food, and having enough to do fun activities outside of the office was all I needed – no matter what kind of job I have. Slowly I realized that if I can’t find a reason to get moving in the morning then I’m not doing anything worth doing and moreover,  I want to look back on my life one day and see that these times brought me joy. The thing about joy is that it can’t be found in other people – it has to be manifested in your life by only you. I thought that if I was surrounded by the perfect group of friends, in the perfect state of New Hampshire that I would find joy. Although I do live in the best state in the nation and I am surrounded by the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, these things are not what brings joy. I needed to find a way to see myself making a difference in someone’s life, I needed to be doing something worth doing. Get it Going is a company that not only encourages people to be their best selves, but gives them the means in order to do so. Life isn’t about making enough money, or making the grade. Life is about looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing that there is something worth doing today, someone worth helping and loving, something to do or give that makes the world a better place.
There are endless ways that you can Get it Going in your life. For me, it’s helping others to Get it Going. My “GIG” (something that gets me going) every day is to see the world slowly become smaller – to see countries and neighbors come together in a common love for each other. For you, it might be telling a stranger that their shoes are cool, or helping the librarian put a book on the top shelf, or sitting down with someone and letting them talk your ear off because sometimes that’s all people really need -just to be heard. Get it Going’s main encouragements are kindness,love, mindfulness, confidence, and respect.  I resonate with all of them, you might only resonate with one. Find what your GIG is and let’s Get it Going together. Join the movement with me!

-Lauren Perrodin