Summer is quickly approaching, which means the kiddos are on break and ready to be entertained. When they’re so used to going, going, going, having time off inspires an endless stream of “I’m Bored”s. We have compiled a list of fun activities to do this summer, as a family.

1. Go on a hike. (smile at strangers!)

2. Prepare lunch and go out for a picnic. (surprise someone with their favorite snacks!)

3. Tie dye pillowcases. . . (and promote more peace!)

If this is an activity that your children will enjoy, here is a handy how to guide: http://plainvanillamom.com/2015/06/tie-dye-pillow-cases.html.

4. Create and eat homemade popsicles. (share them too!)

Here are some delicious homemade popsicle recipes: http://www.womansday.com/food-recipes/food-drinks/g1597/popsicle-recipes/.

5. Visit your local zoo. (give love to the animals)

6. Make a sundial. (get outside and get grounded)

Learn how to make your own sundial here: http://www.learnplayimagine.com/2014/05/how-to-make-sundial.html.

7. Have a water balloon fight. (well, just be nice!!)

8. Play the water balloon phonics game.
An alternative to the “have a water balloon fight” idea is to make it educational. You can read all about the water balloon phonics game here: http://www.messforless.net/water-balloon-phonics-get-ready-for-k/.

9. Visit your local library and spend the day reading. (or volunteer to read to others)

10. Play an outdoor game of Twister. (stretching and laughing in the sun always feels nice)

11. Paint like Jackson Pollock

For inspiration on this one, check out this link: http://www.happinessishomemade.net/homeschool-kids-art-lesson-jackson-pollock/.

12. Follow the life cycle of a butterfly. (and plant some pollenating plants!)

You can order a live butterfly kit here: https://www.amazon.com/Live-Butterfly-Kit-Caterpillars-Now-Hanging/dp/B00B7PNHBG.

13.  Grow flowers. (cut them and give them to someone)

14. Make your own sidewalk foam paint and decorate the driveway. (use kind words such as smile, love, hugs, and peace

Find out how to make your own sidewalk foam paint here: http://thetiptoefairy.com/2016/05/diy-sidewalk-foam-paint/.

15. Go on a camping trip. (spend time with family and friends)

All of the above listed activities can incorporate kindness. Your children can invite others to join them on adventures or teach a friend how to do one of their newfound activities. Their homegrown flowers, tie-dye pillowcases and homemade popsicles can all be shared with others, as well.

A great way to make a habit of teaching your children about the practice of kindness is through Get it Going Now’s monthly kindness box. Each month, Get it Going Now subscribers receive a box which contains instructions, materials and cool souvenirs that result in a project to perform a good deed. By subscribing to Get it Going Now, you will feel inspired by your monthly opportunity to practice kindness.

Learn more about Get it Going Now here: https://www.getitgoingnow.com.

Let us know what your child’s favorite summer activity was in the comments section below.

Author: Get It Going Now - blog

Get it Going is a movement to spread kindness and love one action at a time. Each day is an opportunity to create change towards a better life for yourself and others. Join our movement today! Learn more and get involved at https://www.getitgoingnow.com/

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