Teaching and practicing kindness is vital to raising compassionate children. Creating and sharing art is an excellent way to bond and learn alongside your kids. Below are six crafts that offer opportunities to teach kindness.

1. A (Paper) Chain of Kindness
2. Kindness Postcards

3. Decorate a Kindness Jar

4. Mail a “Hug”

5. Cards for Care Packages for Sick Children

6. Paper Plate Flowers

To bring the teaching of kindness into your kindness craft sessions, you can share the finished products with local friends or those in need. Sharing homemade creations is an expression of love and giving.

A great way to make a habit of practicing kindness is through Get it Going Now’s monthly kindness box. Each month, Get it Going Now subscribers receive a box which contains instructions, materials and cool souvenirs that result in a project to perform a good deed. By subscribing to Get it Going Now, you will feel inspired by your monthly opportunity to practice kindness.

Learn more about Get it Going Now here:

Let us know what your child’s favorite kindness craft was in the comments section below.


Author: Get It Going Now - blog

Get it Going is a movement to spread kindness and love one action at a time. Each day is an opportunity to create change towards a better life for yourself and others. Join our movement today! Learn more and get involved at

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