How I Got it Going: Nick Pizzi

Getting it Going is a lot like driving a GMC Sierra with a V8 engine. When the truck is accelerating through the on-ramp to the highway all eight cylinders are firing and the engine consumes substantial amounts of fuel. However, when the truck gets up to a cruising highway speed it only starts using four cylinders. Occasionally the truck may encounter a steep hill, and all eight cylinders will need to fire to complete the ascent. But for the most part, maintaining a certain speed is a lot easier than getting up to speed.

Getting it going is the most demanding step. Even for the truck getting it going (accelerating) was the most difficult part. It’s both challenging and in most cases terrifying to step outside your comfort zone and Get it Going. For those people that are scared and apprehensive about getting it going, let me share my own story and hopefully this will help you to Get it Going too.

I am a recent graduate from the University of New Hampshire, achieving an MS in Zoology. My true passion and dream job is being a wildlife biologist, focusing on birds. However, my field is severely underfunded, highly competitive, and even sometimes political. Finding my dream job seemed almost impossible.

After I graduated I settled and accepted a job in the environmental industry, packing and removing hazardous waste. I tried many mind tricks, and tried to convince my brain that it wasn’t so bad. I found some comfort in knowing I had a well-paying job with a 20 minute round trip commute, but I also hated my job. I eventually came to the conclusion that the benefit of the pay did not outweigh the cost of the decreased happiness.

I knew that in order to be happy I needed to a) quit my job with the environmental company, and b) pursue my career goals.

I was terrified of the idea of quitting my job and accepting another job offer with decreased pay. However, although I was scared I knew I needed to get things going soon. After a few months of debating whether or not to quit, I finally walked right into my boss’s office and officially resigned from my position.  

While I still have a lot of time and energy to invest in achieving my career goals and becoming a wildlife biologist, simply getting it going and initiating the first step (quitting my job) has dramatically increased my happiness. My girlfriend helped me get it going, and now I hope I can help you to get it going too.

Sometimes we are terrified of the things that we want to do. Crazy right? How can we be scared of something we want? I have no idea how or why this happens, but it does and it’s pretty common. All I know is that I encourage all of you to go out there and get it going, no matter how scared you are. Why wait any longer to get it going? Get it going NOW!

Best, Nick


Author: Get It Going Now - blog

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